Special Edition

News: At the moment I am trying to get a copy of the SE trailor that was seen in some theaters this summer.

If you know of anyone who can get me it I would really apprieciate it.

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Here are the best pictures of the upcoming Star Wars: Special Edition Movie I could find. Please enjoy.

This is the improved version of the opening Mos Eisley speeder scene.

Here is a CGI Millenium Falcon taking off from Mos Eisley. Notice the added ship to the left and down from the Falcon.

This is an added piece of footage. The stormtroopers are looking for the es cape pod. Dewback is CGI, Front stormtrooper is  an actor.

More of the same as above. Unknown if this is a different or the same shot as above. Check out the drop ship in the back.

You get the feeling that this scene is going to be quite an addition. Excellent profile of the Dewback. Great Detail as well.

This is going to be part of a scene where the Rebel fighters will form up before engaging the DEATH STAR. Check out Yavin redone in the background.

Right after the above shot or maybe before. Who knows. Engine glow was overhauled and you can just make out the DEATH STAR ahead.

That is it for now. When more pics become available you know where to come and see them.

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Thanks to Corona for the lynx.


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