Season 12 Introductions

The Howard DaSilva Introductions:
Season 12

Robot (Regeneration version)

Doctor Who's face is transformed as his friends watch - instant plastic surgery. But the change goes more than skin-deep. The Time Lord, on the brink of death, is self-inducing a complete physical metamorphosis. [Clip of the Doctor talking about the Sontarans thwarting human history.] Recently returned from a distant planet, where he was exposed to deadly radioactivity, Doctor Who enters into his fourth incarnation, thus saving his own life. But his new personality is erratic and still in transition, so the Brigadier has no alternative but to place him in the care of a mere Earth doctor...

Robot (Non-regeneration version: Time Life eventually removed the regeneration scene from certain prints)

Doctor Who loses his sense of humor, when a berzerk robot goes on a killing spree in the name of humanity. [Clip of the Robot saying, "You are an enemy of humanity - I must destroy you."] Originally designed to serve mankind, the robot has been re-programmed by an elite scientific society to act as its henchman. [Clip of Hilda Winters talking about her "brilliant and audacious scheme" which is "about to come to its climax!"] Programmed with a human brain, [!] and perhaps a human heart, the remoresful robot pays a visit to Professor Kettlewell, its creator, to talk out a personal problem. [Clip of robot saying that it has been given orders that conflict with its prime directive.]

The Ark in Space

Doctor Who is attacked by the wasp-like Wirrn on space station Nerva, where the only survivors of Earth sleep in a deep-freezed state. The giant insect/human face gives the Doctor cause for alarm... [Shown over scene of the Doctor meeting Noah in the solar stacks.] When Harry and the revived crew find the Wirrn larvae, the Doctor's fears are confirmed. They are seeking human hosts in which to grow to adulthood. [Clip of Noah telling Vira to take command.] The humans still suspended in the deep-freeze chamber are easy prey for the insect army, and a new addition to their group is very dear to Harry and Doctor Who... [Clip of Harry finding Sarah inside the pallet.]

The Sontaran Experiment

[Clip of Sarah during the "fear" experiment with the snake.] Ten thousand years from now, Doctor Who, Harry and Sarah have returned to earth, expecting to find it uninhabited. Actually, they have been lured there by a Sontaran field-major, whose slave robot is instructed to capture humans for torture and experimentation. [Clip of Styre narrating his speech about the humans' need for organic chemical intake.] Doctor Who confronts a Sontaran experiment to take over the human race.

Genesis of the Daleks

[Clip of Sevrin and some Mutos discovering Sarah.] Mutant life-forms are only one result of the chemical warfare waged on the planet Skaro. For centuries, the slaughter of the two opposing races has continued, turning the verdant landscape into a wasteland. The aged scientist Davros is still determined that his side will win. He has developed a new species, the Daleks, whose primary capability is survival at any cost. [Clip of Daleks exterminating Kaleds from Part Six] But Davros' ruthless beings, created without a conscience, predictably turn on all other life-forms. The survivors of both races unite for the first time in generations and plot the overthrow of the Daleks.

Revenge of the Cybermen

[Clip of Commander Stevenson claiming that "the Cybermen died out ages ago."] Inside a lighthouse in space, a mysterious plague is killing off the crew-members one by one, but the Doctor diagnoses it as a case of poisoning instead, and there appears to be no antidote. Is this the work of the Cybermen? [Clip of Vorus talking to Tyrum about the fact that gold buys humans.] The Cyber-scheme unfolds as a plot to take over the galaxy, but the metal-men can succeed only if they regain control of their native planet in order to blow it up. Its core is of pure gold, alluring to humankind, but fatal for Cybermen... [Clip with the Doctor saying he and Sarah are "heading for the biggest bang in history."]

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