The Howard DaSilva Introductions:
Season 13

Terror of the Zygons

[Clips about the giant molars, Broton saying that the Doctor is a threat, then the Brigadier, Sarah and the Doctor telling the Duke of Forgill that they've found the Monster.] Doctor Who's helper is kidnapped. He's taken to the underwater chamber of the alien invaders who created the Loch Ness Monster. Harry, for one, is no longer a skeptic. [Clips of Harry meeting Broton, then of Angus discovering the bug in the pub.] Not only do the blood-thirsty Zygons control the monster's missions of death at sea; masquerading as local townspeople, they can kill on land just as easily, and just as mysteriously. [Shown over clip of Sister Lamont transforming - gee, what mystery :-)]

Planet of Evil

[Clip of Sorenson seeing the anti-matter creature for the first time. He says, "Energy, pure energy."] But the energy doesn't always appear in physical form, and for this reason, a team of defenseless scientists is killed off, one by one. When a rescue mission arrives, a single survivor is left. [Clip of Sorenson talking with Salamar about their system's dying sun.] On a planet at the edge of the universe, Doctor Who has found the door to the world of anti-matter. The Morestran explorers accept his explanation for the rash of deaths - too late. [Clip of a Morestran falling into the Black Pool, followed by the Doctor saying that they're tampering with the forces of nature.]

Pyramids of Mars

[Clip of Sutekh describing his idea of "good." The Doctor says, "If I'm right, the world is facing the greatest peril in its history."] And unless the Time Lord can live up to his name, human history will end, here, in the year 1911. [Clip leading up till first cliffhanger.] It was written in ancient Egypt that Sutekh, the god of darkness, would one day return, bringing a gift to all mankind. At last, that prophecy has been fulfilled, but the gift Sutekh brings is death. [Clip of Dr. Warlock being strangled, followed by the Doctor's confrontation from Part Four. "Kneel before the might of Sutekh."]

The Android Invasion

The space travellers come back to earth in the TARDIS, landing on a normal day in July. At least that's what they think at first. [Clip of the calendar scene, then of the villagers coming to life when the clock chimes.] Expecting to find friends here, Doctor Who and Sarah return instead to a cool welcome. It's nothing personal. The townspeople are behaving in a most peculiar manner, even to each other. It's as if they weren't quite human, and they're not! [Clip of the Doctor meeting Colonel Faraday, and then the Kraals talking about the threat posed by the Doctor.] The alien Kraals can duplicate human beings, not to mention Time Lords. But to what end? Meanwhile, the real Doctor is giving his look-alike quite a work-out. Or is it the other way around? [This description is also available in Spanish.]

The Brain of Morbius

Thanks to the Time Lords, Doctor Who gets rerouted to a planet where his welcome is less than hospitable. The Sisterhood of Karn believes he's been sent to steal their Elixir of Life. But the Doctor's unknown mission turns out to be far more difficult. [Clips of the attempted burning, then the Doctor and Sarah passing out in Solon's castle.] But the Doctor had better wake up soon, becuase a certain criminal mind is the reason for his visit to Karn. [Clip of Morbius complaining that he's trapped like a sponge beneath the sea, followed by Solon's second attempt to attach the brain properly.] Once the fiend's brain is transplanted, no other Time Lord will be able to stop him, not even Doctor Who.

The Seeds of Doom

A pod, dug up from the Antarctic permafrost, suddenly germinates, attacking the botanist who discovered it. [Clip of Hargreaves seeing Keeler's transformation for the first time.] What was formerly a man, is now a predatory, man-eating plant. [Clip of Chase telling Scorby to protect the Krynoid at all costs.] Doctor Who and Sarah try to rescue a friend from the Krynoid's voracious appetite, but their problems are only beginning. It seems the entire plant kingdom is now in rebellion against the human race! [Clip of Sir Colin and the UNIT soldier reading the reports of deaths near Chase's estate.]

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