Season 14 Introductions

The Howard DaSilva Introductions:
Season 14 (Incomplete)

The Masque of Mandragora

Sarah joins in the merry-making at a masked ball in 15th century Italy. Meanwhile, Doctor Who is behind the scenes, investigating a little court intrigue. [Clip of Federico talking to Hieronymous about Guiliano's plans to hold a masque, ending with the Count saying that the Duke must die.] The plot thickens when a clandestine religious cult decides to meddle in politics, not to mention in Sarah's life, but Doctor Who turns the occasion into an empty ritual, by removing the victim from a chopping block. Hieronymous, the court astrologer, is ridiculed by everyone, until one of his more terrifying predictions comes true... [Clip of the Mandragora voice saying that he will become supreme ruler of Earth.] The Mandragora helix has come to Earth, strangely because of Doctor Who. [Clip of Giuliano showing the Doctor the first person killed by the helix energy.]

The Hand of Fear

Tired from space travel, our Time Lord journeys toward Earth, but after landing, he wishes he'd chosen a more restful planet. Even on Earth, the Doctor's all-too-human travelling companion, Sarah Jane Smith, can't fend for herself. Possessed by an alien life force, Sarah is sent to the glowing core of a nuclear reactor. When the fossilized hand of Eldrad comes to life in the radioactive chamber, Doctor Who is faced with a red alert. [Clip of the Doctor telling Watson that Eldrad is rebuilding himself, follwed by Eldrad probing the Doctor's mind saying, "I have heard of you."] Though fully regenerated, Eldrad cannot return to her native planet, unless, of course, she travels as the passenger of Doctor Who...

The Deadly Assassin

[Clip of the Master saying that only only hate keeps him alive, followed by the Doctor explaining to Spandrell who the Master is. "There are old scores to settle," he says.] But the world in which Doctor Who pursues the Master's challenge is not reality. The space traveller's mind has entered the memory-bank of the entire race of Time Lords, where his worst fears come to life. [Clip of the airplane, followed by Spandrell saying that the end of the world is approaching.] Returned to reality, the Doctor finds it crumbling around him. The ellusive Master has plotted the end of Doctor Who, the Time Lords, and the whole Gallifreyan [He pronounces this Gall-IF-free-an.] galaxy. With the Great Key, he opens up the world of the parallel universe. [Clip of the Master saying that he shall have supreme power over the universe and become master of all matter.]

The Face of Evil - Wanted...

The Robots of Death

[Clip of the Doctor explaining to Uvanov that it's a co-incidence that three of his people have died, followed by Chub's death.] A human overseer finds out that the Doctor and Leela aren't responsible, at least for one murder. But unfortunately, the secret will remain his. Meanwhile, another member of the dwindling crew tries to go about business as usual, but the horror of what he sees, combined with a strain of daily work with automatons sic, finally pushes him over the brink - the first stage of Robophobia... [Clip of Poul finding blood on the robot's hand for the first time.]

The Talons of Weng-Chiang through to Underworld - Wanted...

The Invasion of Time

[Clip of the Doctor saying that he has returned to Gallifrey to claim his right to the presidency.] Strangely, the Doctor returns to rule Gallifrey, but he betrays his fellow Time Lords to alien invaders, his ulterior motive is revealed. Doctor Who has traded the precious gift of time for power. [Clip of Leela talking to Rodan about surrender and reason being a liar.] But not everyone has such faith in the Doctor. [Clip of Andred explaining to other Time Lords that the Doctor is a traitor and must die.]

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