Mexican letter in DWM I'm writing to you from Mexico. I wanted to write because I think your magazine is marvellous, and I have been a fan of the Doctor since the early 70s, when the William Hartnell series' were shown here. But I could see only a few episodes, because the series wasn't very successful and was taken off the air. After about 8 years, the state tv station showed the early Tom Baker episodes, from Robot to Invasion of Time. Since then they have been periodically re-showing those episodes.
In the mean time, I obtained an issue of Starburst featuring an article about Doctor Who, and an advertisement for a new magazine called Doctor Who Weekly. Since that day, I have been trying to get an issue of the magazine, and finally I obtained issues 54 and 55, and subscribed to it (I think that there are very few Mexican subscribers to your magazine.)
I'm very interested in obtaining all the issues, from 1 to 53, and I have a question to ask you: Are the special issues (like the Summer Special) included in the subscription? If not, I would be pleased if you could tell me how I can get those special issues.
I'm writing this letter, finally, to propose to all the people who want to get a pen friend, to write to me. I do not speak English very well, but I will try to answer every letter as soon as possible, because I'm very interested in England, its people and its customs.
I'm a 16 year old boy. If anybody wants to write to me, he/she can send a letter to:
Martin Bonfil Olivera
Gerrada Monserrat No. 9
La Candelaria, Coyoacán
04380, Mexico, D.F., Mexico.

I wonder how many people actually wrote to him and if he still lives at the same address???