Here's a list of my video, hopefully complete. This does 
not include any standard DW episodes, as I've got them all 
and I see no point listing them. To wit, DW-related items 
first, in no particular order:

Whose Doctor Who Search Out Science BBC 30th Anniversary Specials BBC Choice - The Take 35th Anniversary Doctor Who Night - BBC2 1999 Thirty Years in the TARDIS Resistance is Useless The Doctors: 30 Years of Time Travel and Beyond I Was a Doctor Who Monster The Reign of Turner Time Rift Who on Earth is Tom Baker? Dalekmania Wartime Shakedown Return to Devil's End MythMakers: Panopticon VII/DWAS / Panopticon '93 Bidding Adieu The Stranger: Summoned by Shadows -- More Than a Messiah -- In Memory Alone The Airzone Solution The Zero Imperative
Other programs: Sapphire & Steel (complete) The Tomorrow People -- The Slaves of Jedikiah -- Blue and the Green -- The Doomsday Men -- Into the Unknown The Haunting of Cassie Palmer Under the Mountain Children of the Stones Knights of God (complete) Into the Labyrinth (season one) The Champions (Episode 1) The Sandbaggers (Episode 1) Out of the Unknown - all surviving episodes Ace of Wands - all surviving episodes Timeslip - complete, no color episodes Doomwatch - All surviving episodes including Sex and Violence and the 1999 movie from UK Channel 5
Adam Adamant Lives! - All surviving episodes
Kinvig - 3 episodes The Stone Tape Ghostwatch Supercar - Episodes 1-12 Fireball XL-5 - Episodes 1-24 The Secret Service - Episodes 1-4 Thunderbirds - Episodes 1-8, 11-12 Moonbase 3 - complete, from Sci-Fi Channel The Omega Factor - complete, quality varies The Quatermass Experiment 1-2 Quatermass II - complete Quatermass and the Pit - BBC Video version The Avengers - The Sell-out The New Avengers - K is for Kill