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GeoCities Area51 Community Leaders

Come and meet the community leaders of Area 51!

Here are the Community Leaders for the Area51 neighborhood. They are homesteaders who have volunteered to watch over your community and help their neighbors set up home pages, answer questions, and generally keep everything running smoothly. You'll see them in the chat rooms and newsgroups, and they may even e-mail you directly to introduce themselves. Feel free to contact the Community Leader for your block if you have questions -- they're here to help.

If you're interested in becoming a Community Leader yourself, please read our Information Page for more details on the program.

The Area51 leaders have set up a neighborhood resource center at Area51/2158 where you'll find pointer to important GeoCities features and a list of leaders' block assignments.

Dragonwillow (Melissa Austin)
Area51 1044
Melissa moved into Area51 because she loves dragons, fantasy and the paranormal. She learned to create web pages the hard way (on her own), so she is always willing to help someone with theirs.
Stainlessrat (Adam McMillen)
Adam's hobbies (in order of importance) are reading sci-fi and fantasy, surfing the web, comic books, sailing, and completing the cold fusion reactor he's been building in his basement.
Csteg (Scott James Remnant)
Scott is completely in love with Star Trek. He moved his page onto Area51 from Hollywood right when it was created. He would love to help everyone with their web pages and any problems they have.
Jtx-0069 (Andy)
Andy is an Italian student who started programming in BASIC at age 9 on an old Olivetti PC. His interests range from science fiction to music, especially playing the guitar.
Sfiction (David Shue)
David is a part-time computer geek and a part-time flying geek. He plays on the net from one coast to the other.
Unicus69 is an avid sci-fi and fantasy fan. He is not super-technical, so he should be able to give you straightforward answers to your questions about format, content, HTML code and graphics.
Araber (Matthew Cregg)
Matthew moved into Area51 shortly after its creation because of his love for sci-fi, in particular The Twilight Zone. He considers himself an HTML semi-expert and is willing to answer any questions about your home pages. On any given night you may find him in the chat room dominating trivia night.
4th_Rock (Kurt and Matt)
Kurt (the dad) and Matt (his son) are interested in sci-fi, UFOs and the unexplained. Kurt is more technical and Matt is more artistic, very good at creating computer graphics.
topsecret (Simon Gray)
Simon considers himself the biggest fan of Area51, the top-secret base. He can answer any questions you have about Area51 or any of your HTML problems.
Mj-12 (Talon Karrde)
Talon's page is for MJ-12, a group interested in UFOs, aliens, ghosts and paranormal activity. Any information regarding aliens, etc. would be greatly appreciated.
Capodo (Po)
Po loves sci-fi and always has, including Battlestar Galactica, Incredible Hulk, Buck Rogers, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and especially Automan (and Chuck Wagner).
Icari (Chantal Fournier)
Chantal is a fan of science fiction and fantasy. She also really enjoys finding new tricks to add to web sites and solving problems.
Maeve found GeoCities one night, was enchanted, and moved into Area 51 to express her long involvement with fantasy in a positive and creative way. She is a Cybergrrl, a member of the HTML Writer's Guild, a teacher and a reviewer and columnist for the online gaming magazine Gamebriefs.
Orbops (Mark Ohlson)
Mark’s site invites submissions of sci-fi vignettes, stories, poems or topics for dicussions of theoretical cosmologies. His interests are sailing, R&B;, astronomy, homebrewed beer and fine cigars.
Eriktice (Erik Tice)
Erik is interested in all things science fiction, including Star Trek, Star Wars, Adam Strange, and anything written by Douglas Adams or Isaac Asimov. He considers himself a semi-expert in HTML 2.0 and is learning the new standards of Wilbur (HTML 3.2).
Rands (Russ Tober)
Russ's hobbies are web design and reading good books. After 15 years out of school, he's finally going back to get his degree in programming and computer engineering.
bareil (Jonathan)
Jonathan loves Star Trek, especially Star Trek Voyager. He's a lifeguard and enjoys the outdoors, hiking, reading, playing the piano and the saxophone.
captpomeroy (Shan L. Pomeroy)
Shan is an Airman First Class in the U.S. Air Force, currently stationed at Brooks AFB in Texas. He’s been married to his wonderful wife since August 22, 1996 (hey,would you guys remind him when his anniversary rolls around?). His interests are Magic:The Gathering and anything related to Star Trek.
Atropa (Chelsea)
Chelsea excels at the arrangement of color and styles, web pages included. She is pretty good at explaining HTML. She speaks English and a little butchered French.
Highbishop (Jake Browne)
Jake and Lorraine, his partner in crime, explore the great beyond and seek to answer the many questions that GeoCitizens may have (about aliens, that is). Armed with great knowledge and tons of bookmarks, they can solve any problem that troubles you.
_Fool_ (Bryan Robbins)
Bryan is a science fiction and fantasy lover, so it seemed natural for him to write an original fantasy story on his site. He hopes to have an entire original fantasy novel online within the next year.
Xfga (Matt Stratton)
Matt is a professional Web designer and X-Phile. He maintains the official home page of the Undernet IRC channel #xf-ga. He is also a snappy dresser, a quality often overlooked in Web designers today.
The Warlock knows a lot about UFOs, the paranormal and conspiracy events. He also knows a lot about computers and the Internet, so if you have questions about anything from HTML to CGIs to VAX to Adobe Photoshop, he\022d be happy to help.
erturk (Hakan Erturk)
Erturk is one of the new residents of Area51 and feels himself at home in Area51. His interest in Fantasy, Sci-Fi, UFO's and Fantasy Art ties him to his neighborhood. He likes to surf fancy sites with fine graphics & code and visits every site that he is invited.
knerfherder (Ryan Jahnke)
My main thing right now is Star Wars, but I also love music and playing the guitar. Want help? Want to talk? E-mail me. I'll be there for you.
Reedman initially moved into Hollywood, but quickly moved into Area 51 when the neighborhood was created. Reedman taught himself HTML and aspires to create Web sites for a living. He is currently working on his computer science degree at The State University of West Georgia. Reedman is also the Ringmaster for The Circle Webring.
Starbridge (Michelle)
Michelle has been involved in the field of Science Fiction for about 35 years. Michelle's specialties are: Miniature and Mechanical Special Effects, Special Effects Still Photography, Toy and Product Development, Astronomy, Astrophotography(CCD and Film), and other stuff. Michelle has been involved in Computer Graphics and the Web for one year, she uses a Pentium133XL, and is fairly familiar with most Graphics and Web software for the PC, and will be happy to attempt to answer any questions about Graphics, HTML, PC Stuff, or whatever's bugging you. (Mac people are welcome to ask, she will do her best to help).
Momaw (Brad Abrahams)
Brad is fan of all Sci-Fi ranging from Star Wars to Star Trek to Twin Peaks. He has started up a small web page design company with a fellow Area51 neighborhood, so you can always count on him for any of your HTML needs. Brad is also in charge of Public Relations in The National Star Wars League and an avid member of the HTML Writer's Guild.
crashbomber (Kyle Royder)
Crashbomber moved into Area51 2 months ago at the age of 13 and learned HTML by trial and error and would be happy to help anyone who needs it. Hes interested in Aliens and UFOs and the paranormal and welcomes anyone to join his "Ring of Aliens".
Arcadia learned HTML off of online resources, and by trial and error in building her web site. She is happy to answer any suggestions, and is willing to look at any site and give suggestions about structure, orginization, and content.
maltoo (Matt "Maltoo" L.)
Maltoo moved to Area51 about a month ago. He is interested in Sci-Fi, Conspiracy, and the Web. He would like to think he knows something about all three. He is more than willing to visit anyone's website and give suggestions, both structurally and content-wise.
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